Meet Blake. He’s the newest member of the team and what valuable addition he is!

At 28 years old, Blake’s a super easy-going guy who is happy to have found a local role (only minutes from home) that suits him to a tee. He enjoys the customer interaction and variety in his role, no two days are the same he says.

Blake has learnt the ropes of carpet cleaning, stain removal and even the Rug Centre operations. He’s been paired up with some of our most experienced guys to get the lay of the land and a feel for how to work from the van, cleaning the carpets of our customers all around the Shire.


After school he went to university but found he was more suited to working in a hands on role, being a visual learner who likes to see how things are done. Blanch & Doyle’s is perfect for Blake, a safe environment where he can learn from people with decades of experience.

When not at work he loves to muck around on the bass guitar and plan his next holiday.

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Introducing Blake

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